SirioCoin is a new lending method based on Ethereum Blockchain.


Why choose us?
Our Multicontracts adds privileges and advantages for the first token holders. Investing in SirioCoin you will have free tokens of Sirio II and Sirio III. You will also have the possibility to buy Sirio II directly and obtain Sirio III. Each contract will have its own specific Lending and Referral program. Interesting, isn’t it?

Why Sirio is also different?
We are aware of all the projects that have recently behaved unfairly towards their investors, our mission is to propose a fair and honest distribution through Blockchain technology, without false promises.

Join the community to discuss the future of our fair SirioCoin Project!

The ICO pre will start on March 3rd

First step pre ICO Terminated. 500,000 SIRIO sold in 18m 34s

Second step pre ICO Terminated. 500,000 SIRIO sold in 27m 46s

First step  ICO Terminated. 1,000,000 SIRIO sold in 22m 09s

Second step  ICO Terminated. 1.000,000 SIRIO sold in 36m 18s

Third step  ICO Terminated. 1.000,000 SIRIO sold in 29m 45s

Fourth step  ICO Terminated. 1.000,000 SIRIO sold in 42m 09s

Fifth step  ICO Terminated. 1.000,000 SIRIO sold in 67m 36s

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How does it work
This is the graph of tokens distribution through the various contracts. As you can see, who has 1 SirioCoin, will automatically receive 0.50 of SirioCoin II and 0.50 of SirioCoin III.
In the same way, those who have only SirioCoin II have 0.25 of SirioCoin III.
The MultiContracts will start about 6 months apart from each other


The Lending system
Each Contract has its own lending system:
the systems are cumulative and depends on which SirioCoin you own.
 Honest and fair: there are not bogus percentages to mislead you. These are made to last over time and increase as the token values increase.  Just imagine how much it will be worth the first contract that holds the privileges on others.

There is also a different type of referral for each contract. This system is also cumulative as a percentage of the various contracts. It will also be increased with bonuses compared to the position in the community, how much you own, how long you are inside the system and of course how many people have registered through your link.


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